• We combine our expertise in econometrics and in handling complex high dimensional data to provide clients with sophisticated data analytics solutions. 

    Our initial experience with high dimensional data comes from high stakes antitrust litigation and government investigations of Fortune 500 companies. In price fixing cases, for instance, we routinely process and analyze transaction-level information that comes from worldwide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems of clients. We often combine proprietary client data with similar data from multiple other firms and third-party industry information. The resulting databases are high dimensional and typically contain billions of observations. 

    Similarly, in our work for life sciences clients, we built deep experience with a wide range of healthcare information, from analyzing high dimensional clinical trial data to large, complex insurance claims databases. Much of our analytical work is done in the context of high stakes litigation where we need to combine academic rigor with industry experience to produce robust analysis from very complex information. We bring this same rigor to our data analytics work outside of litigation.

    Our expertise with big data includes high-performance data mining and predictive analytics. In recent years, there has been an explosion in the scale, detail, frequency, and in the ability to integrate both structured and unstructured data from multiple sources. We have experience with both large structured data (such as transaction-level scanner data, stock prices, claims databases, customer loyalty programs, RFID tags, internet activity, smart grid) and large unstructured data (such as social media, emails, newsfeeds). We have assisted clients across a wide range of industries --- from banking to manufacturing to life sciences --- turn their big data into useful information to make business decisions.

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