Mohan Rao

Mohan Rao, Ph.D.

Dr. Mohan Rao is the Chief Executive Officer of Epsilon Economics and specializes in antitrust and intellectual property economics, with an emphasis on life sciences and technology. He has testified as an expert in U.S. and foreign courts and in arbitration proceedings. 

Dr. Rao also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Expression Therapeutics LLC, a biotechnology firm based in Atlanta that is focused on developing advanced therapies for treating hemophilia, a bleeding disorder.

Dr. Rao is an Adjunct Professor in Engineering Management at Northwestern University. He was previously a professor at UCLA and a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University. Prior to Epsilon Economics, he managed Navigant Economics. He has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan, a pre-doctoral fellowship from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado.

Dr. Rao serves on the Board of Directors of the Children's Hospital of Chicago, the Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute, and the Economic Club of Chicago, on the Board of Trustees of the Rotary/One Foundation, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and North Shore Country Day, and is a member of the Chicago Club.

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